A new Market Defined by the Hummer Limo


The limousine rental business has never been more varied and exciting than it is today. It used to be that ex-factor luxury limousines like rolls royce wedding cars Melbourne, Bentley, Cadillac and mercedes car hire, to mention some, litter the limo rental trade, then came the stretched modified variants of sedans notably Cadillacs and Benzes that often figure in the fleet of celebrities and political dignitaries.

Over the last two decades, we have seen a new breed of limousines to add to the distinguished variety. These are your SUVs which, because of their inherently roomier interiors, lend a more opulent and extravagant creature comforts in a stretched version than any stretched sedan can offer.

In many communities, luxury SUVs have achieved a higher social standing than even luxury sedan. They are often priced just as high. You have those humongous Cadillac Esplanades, Ford Expeditions and Lincoln Navigators that are already quite spacious right out of the factory.

Rarely in the automotive history have such roomy road vehicles achieve common road acceptance among the middle classes. Not even the days of the gigantic Bugatti Royales of the 30s, considered the largest ex-factory limousines in existence. Now, you find many SUVs converted into luxury limousines not only with stretched middle sections, but heightened roofs to provide a dance floor inside.

Then came the Hummers – a social status in itself for the adventurer with a strong masculine aura about it. But for many, the appeal hasn’t stopped there. Now you have them stretched as well with many professional taxi services in Silverstone and limousine service providers offering the various Hummer limo sizes and varied built-in amenities.

It seems the boundaries between sportiness and luxury is fast blurring. While you had the category of luxury sports cars with most two-door variants of luxury sedans, making limousines out of a vehicle reserved for military combat use can be an oxymoron but it’s really all about rugged power merging with indulgent luxury, not dignified luxury. You will never see a head of state or dignitary riding in a Hummer limo. Then again, that may just be a matter of time.

At any rate, if you like what a hummer limo hire sydney offers, check out the many rentals online and you can find a number of hummer limo rentals fully modified with bars, rotating lounge chairs, theater systems and even mini jacuzzis on board. There’s no limit to how stretched a stretch hummer limo can be as they come in various lengths and in a variety of sybaritic appointments to suit the most self-indulgent rider.

Posted On:  May 18, 2016
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