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Are you one of the many handymen reluctant to undertake bathroom renovations because you are concerned that ’she who must be obeyed’ will turn your unisex bathroom into one with a feminine appearance. Well bathroom renovations do not need to be such a traumatic experience for the man of the house, all you have to do is to start these bathroom renovations when your female companion is not home. To many this may sound drastic and a little underhanded but sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do to preserve one the few spots in the house not dominated by the females touch. Usually the man of the house has his attic and the basement and that is usually about it. Now with these bathroom renovations the fella can claim that one room in the house that our wives and girlfriends claim that we spend most of our time in anyways.The first move in a male controlled bathroom renovations brisbane is the inclusion of a television in a visually accessible location while in the bathroom. The reason is that it is a well known fact that men generally like watching television and what better place to put a television than in the bathroom.

A Little Reading And A Little Music

The next important suggestion for these bathroom renovations Sydney is the placement of a small safe which should be installed somewhere near the throne where you can keep you special ‘mens only’ magazines. Please don’t get confused – I am only talking about the home improvement, car and sports type magazines that men keep around for the informative articles they contain. They are very important to us so why not keep them in a safe place?

Last but not least on our recommended bathroom renovations perth wa is the inclusion of a seriously loaded stereo system. The chosen stereo must be installed with the tuner within easy reach of the throne and the speakers mounted in the four corners of the bathroom. It is strongly recommended, due the extended periods we will be in this room, that nothing less than a 5 CD changer should be installed. You can use whatever factors you desire in determining the amount of volume that the stereo delivers, but I recommend making sure that it is at least loud enough to drown out the noise of your wife or girlfriend screaming at you through the bathroom door… this will inevitably occur once she finds out what you have done during your bathroom renovations.

So in conclusion…… Be strong, well planned and above all quick and sneaky and you will soon be enjoying the surrounds of your new man friendly bathroom in no time.