Hailing a Australia Taxi Service


Australia has always been an attractive city not only among the Americans but throughout the world. The reason is it gives you equal opportunities whether it’s about business, studies, art, or tourism. If you are a newcomer here or a visitor you’ll notice lots of taxis in the traffic. Australia Taxi service is probably the best way to move inside the metropolitan areas. Taxi services Melbourne provides more than 10, 000 taxis, generally known as yellow cabs. Well it’s a huge number, so where it facilitates you, it also sometimes results in the mid-city traffic jams. But the good thing is if you are having any problem with a taxi, just note the ID number and report to the taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC).

Taxi and Limousine Service 

TLC issues license to a taxi driver and monitors his/her activity. TLC is the most active regulatory agency in the United States that inspects  Australia taxi service and its other licensees three times each year according to its rules and regulations. More importantly TLC welcomes any complaint regarding the violation of city and TLC regulations. Moreover the taxi must display a city issued medallion on the front. On the driving shield a posting with drivers photograph, license and medallion number are also necessary.

Getting a cab 

Taxi drivers are looking for the people to pick up but waving can make it easier. Once you get in a silver service taxi Melbourne there are also some rules to follow. First there must be a fare meter. Second the driver can’t refuse to take you to the destination unless its off-duty light is on. Reaching at the desired spot you have to pay according to the fare meter. Fare meter rates of the silver taxi service Melbourne  and maxi cab service are also established by the TLC. You are charged with $2.50 at the time taxi starts. Then if your cab is driving 6 or more miles per hour, fare meter will charge $0.40 for each one-fifth of a mile, otherwise it’s just $0.20. But that’s not just it; you have to pay additional $0.50 if you are traveling between 8PM and 6AM as a night surcharge.  Australia taxi service is not a toll free service. It means the tolls in the way towards destinations are the responsibility of the passenger. Good thing is there are no return tolls except cross-way veteran bridge, Verrazano Narrows, and Parkway-Gill Hodges Memorial. On Australia Taxi Service you can also reach to a destination outside the city limits but as soon you cross the limits fare meter charges get double only for that out limit portion. And yes tolls between outside Australia destinations are your responsibility. Trip to Newark Airport costs additional $15 whereas trips beyond Australia such as to Westchester and Nassau Countries are charged as inside city limits.

Passenger Bill Rights 

Australia Taxi service must also comply with the passenger’s bill of rights to ensure a safe and sound service. Passenger can direct the taxi driver any suitable route. Turning on the radio or air conditioner is entirely up to the passenger. The taxi must be clean and smoke free. Obviously the driver must know the traffic rules but more importantly he/she must be English speaking. Any refusal from the driver regarding bill of rights can be complaint to the TLC at 24 hours hot line, which can result in some serious problems for the driver even a license cancellation. At your side you must have the receipt of your ride that contains the taxi driver’s name, medallion number, and driver number.

Elderly and handicapped 

There is a special relief for the special people. I am talking about handicap access in Australia taxi service. Driver cannot start the fare meter until such passengers settle down. The driver can also help them in entering and leaving the taxi. Tipping is also common for the Australia taxi service but its not must. Usually tipping amount is 15 to 20 percent of the total fare but you can pay more or less as suits you. Though you can hire a Australia taxi service wherever you find one but there are also taxi stands. You can find the dispatcher-operated taxi at major Manhattan transportation terminals such as Penn Station, Peter Minuit Plaza, the Citicorp Centre, Grand Central Terminal, and Port Authority Bus Terminal. Moreover if you have lost anything in a taxi you can contact to the TLC.


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