Selecting The Proper Building Materials For Outdoor Sheds


Your outdoor storage shed is going to be a major asset to your yard area. Creating an attractive exterior that blends well with your property can make all of the difference in how your new building appears to your neighbors and friends.

More than the aesthetic qualities need to be considered though in building outdoor storage sheds with the help of Yorkshire house builders. Using durable, rated materials that will not go flying off of your outdoor storage shed during a storm or deteriorating within a couple of years are better in the long run.

A good framing lumber or the ‘rough carpentry’ is the glue that holds everything together in building outdoor storage sheds, homes and garages. Preferred lumber used by many best builders in surrey are pine, hemlock or Douglas fir. If you are unclear as to what type of wood to buy for building outdoor storage sheds, these types of wood are often contained in your selection of framing lumber. Steel, brick and concrete are some other options in framing and can surely support more weight but the cost of these materials and hiring skilled labor to build an outdoor storage shed of this quality cannot be justified.

Adding a roof to outdoor storage sheds does not have to be difficult if you have the right materials. There are prefabricated roof trusses that you can buy for the roofing project but making your own rafters can work just as well. The most important part of preparing your roof for shingling is the application of felt paper to keep the weather from seeping should you develop a space in the shingles of your outdoor storage shed. Asphalt shingles are the most common type of covering for outdoor storage sheds but there are other options. Steel roofs are becoming better known and have a very long life. Some look like shingles or are just a plain sheet of steel and are excellent for protecting pole barns and outdoor storage sheds. You might even want to consider placing solar panels wa on your roof or skylights to make a unique green statement.

There are all types of windows that you can select for your outdoor storage shed but remember to keep it simple. After all, you are not going to be living in your structure. Larger windows have to be approved by the building inspector and windows just take up wall space that can be used for hanging storage items in outdoor storage sheds. A small 24″ x 24″ double-hung window will work fine if you feel a light opening needs to be included in your plans. A permanent long, thin window that is non-opening is another option for bringing a bit of sunshine into outdoor storage sheds and will take up very little wall space.

Siding comes in almost any color or style that you can imagine for covering the exterior of outdoor storage sheds. Finding just the tone of your house is not hard with hundreds of choices available in vinyl, aluminum or insulated siding. Wood siding is always an option for an outdoor storage shed that can blend in nicely in a garden area or hidden in a grouping of trees. Using wood on outdoor storage sheds does have drawbacks, however. Wood has to be treated regularly in order for your exterior to withstand the weather that it will be expected to hold up to.

Doors can be as wide as the entire end of outdoor storage sheds or just have a metal or wood exterior door for entry. If you plan on storing a heavy garden tractor or push mowers in and out of outdoor storage sheds, a wide door that opens out from the middle or slides to one side on a track is an easy way to maneuver them. Make sure that the door that you select can be secured and sealed to help protect your contents.

There are other amenities that can be added to your outdoor storage shed to help protect it and add a touch of your own style. Guttering is always recommended to keep water from sitting around your foundation. If you are looking at outdoor storage sheds to store your gardening tools, shuck beans or prepare flowers, an attractive front porch can give you a space out of the sun while working and enjoying the outdoors. Outdoor storage sheds do not have to be just for storing items but using for personal enjoyment too.

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